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At Do It Right Cleaning we do not sell our cost, but our VALUE…

One of our goals is fulfilling your immediate need or desire now, and in the future – We will solve your problem and fix it.

“Each solution we provide is determined by the particular needs of our buyers so the prices below are meant to give you general budgetary guidelines on what this type of solution costs.”

*Do It Right Cleaning is licensed, insured and bonded*

Independent Operators vs. Do It Right Cleaning

There are many maid services to choose from. They range from individual people looking for extra income to full-fledged corporations with nationwide services. Which one you choose depends entirely on your personal preferences.

Independent operators often charge less, sometimes as little as $9 an hour. As independents, you can sometimes negotiate an acceptable rate. Few, if any, will require a contract, and changes to your cleaning schedule are usually not a problem. Many can provide references to attest to the quality of their work and to their personal integrity and honesty. There are websites where individual maids can advertise their services and list their qualifications and specialties.

Do It Right Cleaning is bonded, licensed and insured, but we usually cost more than an individual. Expect to pay $25 to $45 per person per hour. We do not require contracts but will ask you to sign an agreement giving us a 30-day notice if you decide you no longer need a cleaning service. We are sometimes able to accommodate last-minute schedule changes. Our maid service companies have better dependability than the individual cleaners and there is less chance of theft. If one of the maids who clean your house is out sick, then we always have the other cleaner assigned to your home that can step and provide the cleaning. No worries about a new person unfamiliar with your home coming to clean. We have references per your request. Finally, if a person is cleaning your home and is not insured and they get hurt you can be held liable for any medical expenses. The same rule applies for commercial clients.


Student Housing Turn cleaning prices

Our prices for this service range between $0.17-$0.23 per sq. ft.

*Please note that there may be an additional pet fee of $10 per pet for individuals*

Post construction cleaning rates

We charge between $0.25-$0.50 for all post construction cleaning and $7-$10 per window

Residential Cleaning Services

Please call or email so that we can gather information on your home to give you an accurate cleaning quote.

Stripping & Waxing Prices

Our stripping and waxing prices range between $0.30-$0.50 per sq. ft. based on the condition of the floor

Spring Cleaning rates

Please call or email so that we can gather information on your home so that we can give you an accurate cleaning quote.

Commercial office cleaning rates

Please call or email so that we can set up a day and time to do a walk through of your facility.

Commercial office cleaning rates

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